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Why You Glow Girl?

Updated: Mar 22

There are so many people who do "spray tans by hand" in Knoxville. How do you possibly trust a sunless artist/company with such a deeply personal service when there are so many options? As Knoxville's first luxury sunless airbrush company, I truly believe in our brand, & here are some reasons why I think you should give us a try!

  • We are master mixologists! I always tell people to think of us as their local bartender, but for airbrush tans. All of our tans are truly custom blended, with the notes recorded to reference at the next appointment. To be a master mixologist in our industry, it's important to carry multiple solutions & lines with different undertones. One size does not fit all! All of our artists have been through in-depth training on color theory & how to mix & match. Additionally, we only use small batch, high-end solutions that tend to hold color better. You will not find Norvell here!

  • Experience matters! We have artists that range from level 1-3 depending on their experience level. This information can be found under "Meet the Team". Most of our artists have been doing this for years & have 100's, if not 1000's, of tans under their belts. Understanding color theory, how DHA reacts with the skin, different skin types & conditions makes a difference. I love that we offer so many appointment times with so many artists to allow the customer to find the right fit!

  • Most people consider sunless tanning a safe option compared to UV tanning, & I truly believe it is! However, airbrush tanning doesn’t come without its own list of issues. Our industry is pretty unregulated, although that’s starting to change. With that, ventilation techniques have improved. At You Glow Girl, we have invested in expensive backboards that are designed to deal with the overspray so that you can feel more confident in the process as it relates to your health. At our Bearden studio, we have two large, open rooms with windows to provide extra ventilation. If you book a party at your house, don't worry...we have smaller extraction fans that we bring with us to go in the back of our pop-up tents. Your health, & the health of our artists, is one of our top priorities!

  • All of our tans come with rapid solution and Glow Dust. Glow Dust is our very own drying powder, which we make in-house. It dries your skin & helps with the post-tan sticky feeling. At some places, these options would require an upcharge because they are more expensive to us. However, we believe both of these things provide a higher level of customer service & satisfaction so we include them in our pricing. For an additional charge, we offer add-ons that extend the life of your tan, as well as post-care products that help to extend the color.

  • Lastly, we aim to provide a luxury experience. We have a professional studio with sunless artists that have been in the game for a long time. We love on all of our guests, & our biggest joy is making each of you feel special & adding a little glow to your step. Doing this is our true passion & we can't wait to meet you! We love you Knoxville!



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