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Why You Glow Girl?

When I was thinking about this topic, I wanted to share my thoughts on why I would choose our brand as a consumer. I don’t follow other spray tan artists from our area on social media, & I haven’t tried their services because I always want to be intentional about staying away from the comparison game. I only mention that to say I don’t know what other people are doing, but I do know what we do well, & I would love to share! We have marketed ourselves as the first luxury sunless airbrush company in Knoxville, but what makes us special, & why should you feel comfortable trying us out? Here are the reasons I’ve come up with!

  • Multiple solution options. I’ve talked a lot about this on social media, but we carry around 12 different solutions. Typically half of those are rapid & half are long-setting. We rotate through brands as we test new products, although we always carry our favorites. This is so important because one color does not fit all when it comes to skin types & undertones. Just like you would not want to go to a makeup artist who only carries one color of foundation, the same is true with a sunless artist. We mix & match our colors to find the perfect fit for each of our guests, & we record all of it in our notes so we can reference them during your next visit to tweak the formulas.

  • All of our artists have gone through training. We put everyone through a day of bookwork & two days of model calls to get each artist client-ready. Truth be told, it takes about 6 months to be fully competent, but it’s the best & realistic start we can give our artists. Why is this important? The sunless industry is majorly under- regulated. You would think that would be a great thing because anyone could buy a gun, solution, tent & get started. However, it’s actually proved to be a negative because it has allowed girls to start with no insurance, no business license, no state license, no health regulations, & zero training. Many do not understand what DHA is & how it reacts with skin issues, how it works, etc. Therefore, there are a lot of bad spray tans floating around, which reflects poorly on reputable artists.

  • Most people consider sunless tanning a safe option compared to UV tanning, & I truly believe it is! However, airbrush tanning doesn’t come without its own list of issues. Again, our industry is pretty unregulated, although that’s starting to change. The FDA does require booths, such as the ones at Knoxville’s local chain, to post about things you can do to not breathe in solution while getting your tan. Well let me tell you, if you’ve ever tried to hold your breath for 5 minutes while in a confined space & being sprayed by cold solution, you know that this isn’t realistic. We have invested in expensive backboards to spray against at our studio that are designed to suck the overspray in so it’s not circulating around your head & getting into your lungs. We also have two large, open rooms with windows to provide extra ventilation. If you book a party at your house, don't worry...we have smaller extraction fans that we bring with us to go in the back of our pop-up tents. Your health, & the health of our artists, is one of our top priorities!

  • Lastly, we aim to provide a luxury experience. We have a professional studio with sunless artists that have been in the game for a long time. We offer drying powder & rapid solutions at no upcharge. We love on all of our guests & our biggest joy is making each of you feel special & add a little glow to your step. Doing this is our true passion & we can't wait to meet you! We love you Knoxville!



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