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Why People Don’t Get Spray Tans

I turn orange! This is a valid reason for not wanting to get a spray tan, or deal with any sunless tanner for that matter. There are a few reasons why people can turn a rusty, burnt orange color. The first reason is because the solution quality is cheap or expired. Most solutions have a shelf life of 6 months to a year. The second reason is because they overdeveloped. For example, if you get a rapid tan, rinse in the time frame given to you at your appointment! Don’t sleep in a rapid tan…your hands & feet will look crazy! There are longer-setting solutions if you are someone who likes to sleep in your tan or doesn’t have time to rinse right away. Just let your artist know that! The third reason is because your artist didn’t spray you with the right solution for your skin type. I have Type II skin, meaning I mainly burn, but I can tan. One of our most popular solutions that looks gorgeous on some people, turns me orange. All of these situations can be avoided if the client & artist work together!

I can’t stand the smell! This is also a good point. Some solutions smell better than others. We have one line that smells pretty good compared to most spray tans, and another line we use reminds me of a much less desirable odor, but the colors is so pretty! Some people say that the smell of the solution has to do with the quality of the DHA. I don’t know whether or not this is true since I’m neither a chemist or have developed my own line. Either way, there has never been a sunless tan that has smelled good to me. We offer a moisture lock spray that goes on top of the bronzer to help neutralize the smell. If you’re a person who despises the spray tan smell, ask for our top coat & a rapid tan, & that should make you happy!

I hate the way I look as the color starts to fade! If you've ever had a spray tan & by the end of it's life, your skin looks more like a reptile, you know what I'm talking about! A good spray should come off almost as evenly as it went on. The key to this is staying hydrated & moisturizing twice a day. Hormones can mess with your natural skin shedding cycle, which can sometimes be the culprit. However, most of the time, the dreaded uneven fade can be easily avoided by using the right skin care products, staying out of chlorine, & taking care of your skin. If you are a spray tan junkie, I would highly suggest investing in an exfoliating product. If all else fails, using a mixture of lemon juice & baking soda with a hot bath usually does the trick. Just remember one of the golden rules...NEVER spray over an old tan!

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