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Making Your Glow Last

Updated: Jan 6

When booking with us, each client is sent the generic pre and post sunless tan care instructions. These steps are absolutely necessary to follow to avoid the uneven fade & to keep your color looking fabulous for 7-10 days. Click the link below to check them out.

I often get asked for additional tips and tricks to improve the longevity of the color, hence the reason for this post. Here are some ideas to try that have worked well for my clients over the years.

  1. Before your sunless appointment, shave, then exfoliate. Most razors have a moisture strip that can act as a barrier between your skin and the solution, which is something we want to avoid. We want your body to be a blank canvas when you come in!

  2. Even though body scrubs are an exfoliant, and the directions clearly say to exfoliate, most have oils. Oils are something you want to avoid before your tan. Instead, I suggest dry brushing, using an exfoliating mit, or a loofah. The expensive products are unnecessary, and your money is better spent elsewhere!

  3. Limit shaving after your tan. Shaving is a form of exfoliation and will break down the color quicker. If you're someone that shaves everyday like myself, just know this going in and have realistic expectations.

  4. Add a prep spray to your service or apply a prep product prior to your appointment to balance out the pH of your skin.

  5. Hydrate, as in drink as much water as you can possibly stand, starting 48 hours before your appointment. If any trick has worked, this one always seems to help the most!

  6. If you plan on sweating after your initial rinse and before the event in which you are spraying for, using a body powder in the areas of friction. These areas would include between the breasts, around the bra and sock lines, and around anywhere else where clothing will rub against your skin. We carry our very own Glow Dust in our studio to purchase that is perfect for these situations.

  7. The above directions say to use a more natural, paraben-free lotion and body wash, but our guests sometimes look over this detail. Using a more natural lotion absolutely makes a difference to achieve a more even fade. We carry a selection of suggested moisturizers and body washes in our studio that we love.

  8. Lastly, find a solution that works for you. As I've stated many times before, one size does not fit all. Some solutions work better on certain skin types. For example, one of my regular clients can't spray with a certain line of solutions we carry. She has dry skin, and the solution is more drying than others, so it's not a good combination and leads to a patchy tan. We use something else on her, but it took a few appointments to figure that out.

If you've ever had a spray tan, and on the last several days, you look like you have alligator skin, refer to the above steps. I'm confident you'll have a different ending the next time!

Thanks for reading!

Katie Davis

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