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Glow Dust

We are beyond excited to introduce our very own product, Glow Dust! This stuff is spray tan magic! We use it on every guest post-tan & we believe your sunless experience wouldn't be complete without it. For a long time, we used a talc-free powder that worked great, but white powder left a residue on the skin that clashed with the cosmetic bronzer. In an effort to fix this problem, we started to play around with different ingredients & scents. We knew we wanted to keep the ingredients plant-based & all-natural, which we are proud to say we achieved! Of course, it is talc-free. Through quite a bit of trial & error, we landed on two scents we love, pina colada & chocolate delight. We are looking forward to adding more seasonal scents along the way!

In an earlier post, I explained the concept of drying powder. In a nutshell, it is used to help dry a client after a sunless session to alleviate the stickiness & creasing that some clients experience. In addition to those reasons, it helps to protect & set your tan, which is really important, particularly in the summer months. No more standing in front of a big fan to dry! This product helps to get you in & out of the door in record time without feeling like you're going to mess up your new glow.

I wanted to cover additional uses for our products, & ways that we've found it useful. It not only works with spray tans, but it's also nice to have when applying self-tanner, especially if you plan to sleep in it. Another use for our powder is for anyone who enjoys working out & gets the annoying lines around your sports bra or sock line where the tan rubs off. If you plan on working out & want to maintain your tan, try applying some of this around the areas that will be sweating, such as on your chest, inner thighs, as well as anywhere tight fitting clothes will be rubbing. This is also something to consider if you're a bride & think you may be sweating while you're dancing the night away! Lastly, for all of our guests that love a little shimmer with or without a fresh tan, this is for you! It has a beautiful color & glow to it, which is why it doubles as a body highlighter. Apply some on your collarbones, cheeks, & chest before hitting the town or date night. Trust us, it's beautiful if you are lounging by the pool or spending the day on the lake!

Make sure to follow our social media page, @glowdustshop, for application tutorials, as well as tips & tricks. We will be offering this product for purchase in our new GLOW studio, which opens July 1, 2022. We will also be selling on Etsy. We will include that link when it is up & running. Purchase price is $31.95, or $39.95 with the brush included.

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