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Bridal Airbrush Tans

For many, the idea of getting a spray tan for a wedding is terrifying. Most of us have watched the Friends episode when Ross turns orange, & we’ve all seen friends that look like they rolled around in a bucket of orange paint. Why would you want to chance looking like that on the biggest day of your life?

For many, their wedding day is the first time they’ve ever considered getting this beauty service. I will attempt to break down a few of the misconceptions of sunless tanning & why you should consider getting one before your big day! Everyone loves a little color, & hopefully this puts you at ease to move forward with a bridal tan.

Experience matters! If you’re considering a bridal spray, my first recommendation would be to do your research to find a trusted spray tan company/artist, who has experience in wedding tans. There is an art to airbrush tanning, & there are some techniques that should be used on a bride that maybe wouldn’t be used on someone going to prom, etc. For example, lighter photographs better in terms of a spray tan...I’ve had multiple photographers tell me that! Much attention should be paid to the hands because they will be heavily photographed. The face should be sprayed lightly, & the neck needs to be blended to set the makeup artist up for success. You also never want to spray with a solution that has a high DHA percentage so you can avoid making your partner look ghostly pale standing next to you! Look at the artist’s work/portfolio, & don’t be afraid to ask questions!

My next recommendation would be to schedule a trial run at least two weeks prior to your wedding spray. Most reputable artists will carry several solution options that can be matched to different skin types & tones. However, human error is involved, & they may not get it right the first time, which is why you do a trial. As a bride, I would request an express solution so that there is less room for error. An express solution simply means that you can rinse in a shorter amount of time compared to more widely used solutions that you may have to sit in for a minimum of 8 hours. As a rule of thumb, your wedding spray should be scheduled as your last beauty service & be done 2 days before the big day.

I could write a book about wedding sprays & little things you can do to perfect them, but in an effort not to lose your attention, here is my final suggestion. Have a conversation with your spray tan artist about products. This would include asking about moisturizers, body washes, sunscreen, and other facial products that will agree with your sunless tan versus ones that will prematurely strip your fresh glow. For example, there are certain ingredients that will break down your color quicker, such as retinol & alcohols found in so many products. We carry products that are safe for your tan, but your artist should at least be able to educate & make suggestions.

As with anything in life, attention to detail makes all the difference in the world, & this is certainly the case in your choice for a sunless artist. Once you find a good one, you’ll wonder why spray tans weren’t part of your beauty routine all along!

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