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Drying Powder Explained

Updated: May 21, 2022

Drying powder is something we apply to all of our clients at the end of each session & is included in the price of the tan. It serves several purposes including decreasing the spray tan smell, making sure the bronzer doesn't crease in the folds of your skin, & eliminating the sticky feeling! It helps to set your tan post-spray so that you can confidentially leave the studio in your clothes immediately after your session.

There are a lot of great drying powders on the market for the sunless industry, & we rotate through a few different brands. They all smell good, but more importantly, the brands we use are talc & paraben free.

Most spray tan companies upcharge for the application of drying powder. We don't charge more, even though it's an added cost to us, & here is why! First of all, our guests are happier with the outcome of their tan because this service cuts down on post-tan mishaps that can be so frustrating when you've done all the prep to ensure a beautiful glow! Also, it allows you to get out of the door more hanging out for 5 minutes after your tan or being dried by loud, obnoxious fans. It takes an extra 30 seconds, & it's just part of the process to us! We are happy to offer this service to our guests!

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