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Prep & Moisture Lock Add-Ons

We recently started offering a prep & moisture lock spray to our menu for our guests to add on at the time of their service. What are these, how do they work, and why are they beneficial?

Let's start with the prep spray! It goes on before the solution application, & it helps to neutralize the skin's PH, which allows the color to adhere more evenly. Think of this as allowing us to have a blank canvas to work with, which is ideal with any piece of art. The solution is a clear mist that takes around 30 seconds to apply, & it smells fantastic! It's a great option if you are heading to the studio from the gym, a long day at work, or from any other activity. The goal is to break down any oils, perfumes, deodorant, sweat, & other impurities that may have built up during the day.

Next is the moisture lock, which is my favorite! It is applied much like the prep spray, but it's added on after your spray tan is complete. It's also a clear mist, but it smells good enough to eat! It gets rid of the dreaded spray tan smell, & it acts as a tan extender. You may have seen tan extender products at Sun Tan City that you can purchase. This does the same thing without having to keep up with yet another bottle/product at your house. It's great for dry skin or anyone that is really invested in having the best possible outcome with their color.

Both of these additives are $10 each. If you have a monthly membership, they are $5 each. All of our artists are knowledgeable with these products so please let us know if we can answer any questions for you!

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